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Alumni & Testimonials

We love to share personal experiences with you as well as our wonderful Alumni! Belisama is more than a studio, we are a family!


"Belisama was such a big part of our child's life from age 5 all the way through high school graduation - and beyond! She's made life-long friends, learned big life lessons like taking constructive criticism and setting goals, used Irish dance as her creative outlet, and she plans to stay involved in Irish dance into the future. Celia, Adrienne, Michael Pat, and Vicky have been her steadfast mentors and supporters - we feel so fortunate that this was her community throughout her childhood."


"We love taking classes here! Highly recommend to any with toddlers that like to move and dance"


"Irish dance is such a positive outlet for our daughter's energy and learning, and also offers her a wonderful group of peers, role models, families and friends. Celia provides many opportunities for even the youngest dancers to perform at fantastic events throughout our community. Our Belisama experience has been the best and we look forward to many years to come!"


Hi Belisama community! I grew up dancing with Belisama for almost ten years. Belisama provided me with a community where I made some of my best friends, learned to persevere through challenges, and practiced the one of a kind art of Irish dance. In my experience, dance performances and competitions provide dancers with a unique opportunity to learn the lifelong skills of performing under pressure and working as a team to achieve a goal. When I was a student as Belisama, I loved assistant teaching in the beginner classes. Now, I have my Masters in teaching and my passion is science education. Everyone should join Irish dance! 


I danced with Belisama from its founding until 2015. During this time I loved competing all over the country, and I have wonderful memories of trips to Chicago, D.C., San Francisco, Phoenix, and Anaheim. With the wonderful coaching of Adrienne Bellis and Michael Patrick Gallagher, I won the CRN North American National Championships in 2010 and 2014 and placed 7th in Worlds in 2012. My dance family shaped my whole approach to life, teaching me about perseverance, self-monitoring and self-improvement, and working as part of a team to create something beautiful. Playing fiddle for the dancers also shaped my life as a musician and I continue to enjoy playing for Belisama.


At the end of high school, I recorded a Scottish fiddle album with Brittany and Natalie Haas (The Search for Tyler Foote), and after leaving Belisama, I attended UNM. I majored in speech and hearing sciences and Russian language. Covid hit right when I graduated, and I have since been back in Los Alamos teaching fiddle online and playing the Swedish nyckelharpa.



I cannot say enough good things about my time dancing with the company. Belisama gave me my first opportunity to choreograph and to teach, as well as helping me discover my love of the stage, all of which still remains part of my life today. I am now married and living in the DC/Virginia area. I am a professional opera singer, who frequently performs, and I operate a teaching studio for a wonderful contingent of young professionals. While I did not continue Irish dancing past my time in Belisama, the values of teamwork, dedication, and love of dance shaped my path in life. 

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"I love watching my child blossom through dance in ways I couldn't imagine. its been so wonderful watching her grow in her ability to follow directions, take turns, and remember patterns and sequences. and she has so much fun doing it!"


My children (7 years old and 3 years old) love dancing with Belisama. Not only have I  seen improvements in their motor and memory skills, but it has been so good for them physically, socially, and emotionally. Their confidence soars after each class. My son, who has been Irish dancing with Belisama since age 5 is so proud of his achievements in the program and they're both both building some really great friendships with their fellow dancers! There is a wonderful sense of belonging and community for the kids, which is invaluable.


"Dancing with Belisama is a wonderful part of my daughter's life. She looks forward to it and enjoys the low-pressure performance opportunities. It has helped her grow her confidence, balance and motor skills. Celia is attentive to her dancers and offers fun events like date night and day camp which we appreciate! It is so much more than a dance class for us, it's become a sweet community."
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