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Class Descriptions

Our classes offer a safe space for ALL individuals to dance and express themselves. Any body type, neuro-diversity, sexual orientation, race, gender, creed, socio-economic status, and ethnicity is welcomed here. Feedback will be given constructively, respectfully and gracefully.     

Dance Exploration and Dance Exploration Mini

 Our youth classes honor each child's individuality, joy for movement and curiosity. Children are introduced to concepts of rhythm, expression, tempo, direction, balance, coordination, respect for self and others, focus and more. Storytelling and choreography provides an accessible framework for all ages to connect to the joy of movement. Dance Exploration utilizes many different dance styles, musical genres, props, and fun activities and games. The "mini" class is a slightly shorter class format for children brand new to participating in an activity without a parent to guide them, aimed at ages 2-3 and we ask that parents remain in the wait-room.

We encourage children to wear comfortable clothing that makes them happy and feel enthusiastic- so we don't have a required dress code.  Classes are offered for children ages 2-5. Please check the schedule page for current offerings. 

Irish Dance

We offer Irish dance classes to learners of all ages 3+. From absolute beginner to championship dancer we provide a safe space for people to explore traditional and contemporary Irish dance styles. Dancers learn both soft-shoe and hard-shoe as well as ceili (team) dancing. If desired, dancers may participate in community performance, video performance, and/or competition. Irish dance provides excellent and unique medium to develop incredible physical and mental strength. Please inquire for prices and scheduling.

Family Movement

Check out our Family Movement page to learn more about current offerings for classes designed for caregivers with their child!

First CLass? here are some FAQ

We ask that you wear comfortable clothing to dance class. Please no jeans or long skirts for Irish dance, shorts or leggings and a t-shirt is great. For Creative Movement we encourage self expression and comfort, no dress code so come as dressed up or down as you desired! Bare feet or ballet shoes are great for Creative Movement, as well as your first Irish class. Irish dancers will be required to purchase Irish dance shoes as they get more experienced. A labeled water bottle is also a good idea. 

Prefer Private Lessons? Or looking for a teen/adult class?

Please inquire if you are interested in private lessons (any age) or are an adult or teen interested in taking class with others in the same age range. Irish dance is for everybody!

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