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Irish Dance

We teach traditional Irish dance to all ages from 3.5yrs to adult. Soft shoe, hard shoe, ceili (social dancing) and contemporary choreography offer  students a variety of paths to succeed on...whether they choose to perform, compete, dance recreationally or all three! All of our classes are informed by developmental theory and backed by expertise in dance instruction as well as exercise science. Our goal is to provide dancers a fun, energizing, safe and creative Irish dance experience!

Irish/Creative Combo

For dancers aged 3.5yrs to 5 yrs who have not danced before. This class will provide the foundation for moving into Beginner Irish (or any other dance style!) through motor skill development, dance vocabulary introduction, fun games and skill practice through play. We will also touch on improve and choreography. 45 minute class. Dancers need both softshoes and hardshoes (ballet/jaxzz and tap shoes are fine)

Beginner&Advanced Beginner 

Dancers begin learning the basics of Irish dance: traveling steps, rhythms, proper warm up and cool down, foot positions and the beginning dances in soft shoe: reel, light jig, single jig and slip jig. Hard shoe: treble jig, hornpipe and St Patrick's Day. Ceili dances: The Walls of Limerick, The Fairy Reel and The Sweets of May. Dancers in Advanced Beginner may choose to compete and/or perform. Dancers take 1-2 60 minute classes per week

Novice through Championship

Dancers continue learning more advanced movements and technique in Irish dance. Each of the levels following beginner consists of dances in soft shoe: reel, light jig, single jig and slip jig. Hard shoe: treble jig, hornpipe and Traditional and Non-Traditional set dances. Dancers learn more than a dozen ceili dances.  Most dancers novice level and up choose to compete and/or perform. Dancers take 2-3 days of class per week consisting of 3-4 classes. 

Teen/Adult Classes

Teen/Adult classes are mixed level and move more quickly in terms of learning than youth classes. We cover a variety of skills including soft shoe steps, hard shoe steps and ceili dances. Often the class is broken down into 12 week sessions including approximately 4 weeks soft shoe, hard shoe and ceili dancing. Please inquire for current information. 

Private Lessons

Private lessons are available to all dancers level Advanced Beginner and up. They offer the best possible way to reach personal goals within Irish dance. Dancers may choose to receive feedback on technique or rhythm, advice on breaking down steps, or learn new material. Or they may want to work with a teacher to develop personalized training programs that address goals in the artistry or physicality of Irish dance. 

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