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A month of gratitude!

This November is feeling like a time for us to be especially grateful. The past two years have tested many of us in ways we never imagined! As a dance school operating in a state with strict COVID guidelines we have had to adapt again and again. Cancelling our show just days before we opened it in March 2020 was a blow to the dancers who had put in many hours and months of preparation, bur safety was top priority! Not only did show after show get cancelled, but the kids who compete felt many opportunities slip away. Nevertheless, we gathered week after week on Zoom to dance "together." Once we were back in the studio in January of 2021, we experienced relief and gratitude for the activity we love so much! As vaccines started to become available to many, our ability to enjoy dance again rose even further. Then in September we took a leap of faith in building our own space to utilize, which brings us to now. Many uncertainties lie ahead but we are so grateful to be able to do what we love together in a space we can enjoy so much. I am SO grateful to the Belisama Family!

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