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Belisama Performances 2021!

We are SO grateful to be back on stage this year! These kids have done some amazing work since Spring of 2020 when we cancelled our biggest annual show mere days before it was set to open. Many tears were shed, but everyone got back to work via Zoom and kept up with things at home!

Our first show back was in the middle of the Summer, at the Mono Mundo world dance festival, on the Santa Fe Plaza, a favorite and one we have been a part of for over a decade.

The second set of shows was an absolute blast for the kids and one they look forward to all year, the Santa Fe Renaissance Fair at El Rancho de las Golandrinas. A highlight was welcoming many of our new dancers on stage for the very first time! The event sold out, and was sunny and beautiful.

Next was a crisp October morning at the Edgewood Celtic Fest. The kids really looked like they had begun to settle back into their choreography, and got in the groove of it all.

Looking forward, we dance at the Los Alamos Arts Fest next week, accompanied by alumni Maria Jones on fiddle.

We are hoping to do some of our favorite holiday shows in December, and start to make plans for bringing Rhythm of Fire back to life in 2022!

Stay Tuned!

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