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I was inspired to write this post about burnout in relation to competitive dancers, but my vision broadened because I realized we are all experiencing some level of burnout right now. There is a feeling of general fatigue, irritability, frustration and exhaustion in the world right now. Maybe it's seasonal, maybe it's related to COVID fatigue, maybe it's just wrapping up a challenging year for many of us as we head towards an overwhelming holiday season. In terms of competitive dancers, as they look towards Regionals in November it can be hard to muster the strength to maintain a high level of fitness both mentally and physically. Heres a secret...more is NOT always better! This is coming from somebody who loves to do more, push harder, work longer; but I'm learning to strive to change the quality and quantity of my work and practice to leave me feeling nourished and inspired, not drained and tired. I encourage each of you to take a look at your daily pace, is there something that can give? even five minutes of meditation, a sun salutation or two, or my personal favorite- a creative movement dance session can turn your day around. Gift yourself permission to say "no thank you" to a stressful event, or to cut back in an area that leaves you feeling overwhelmed. Reach out if you need a hand making things work, or finding a creative solution. I just want to send you all an extra burst of strength and we head into the busiest time of the year, take a moment of pause.

Back to the note about athlete burnout, heres a great article to check out:

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