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How young is "too" young to start dance classes?

I get this question a lot…how young is too young for dance class? Or…what are the benefits even if it looks like my child is only observing from the sidelines?

My answer is NEVER too young! Even babies get huge benefits from the stimulation at a movement class.

Visual: babies and toddlers observe how other move around them. They see many colors and textures in the props we use.

Tactile: babies and toddlers receive touch from their caregivers, feel rhythm and motion, and then of course get to touch and experience props and instruments!

Auditory: babies and toddlers get exposure to a variety of music, props and instruments like shakers and bells, and their singing voices around them

This is just the tip of the iceberg! Sometimes parents get distressed if their child doesn’t “jump right in” and I encourage them to step back, and allow the child to take the time they need to process each class, even if that means they stand or crawl or sit the entire time!

There is a beautiful moment when each child dials right in and participates fully, it’s amazing to observe. The earlier you start music movement and dance classes, the richer your child’s experience of the activity can be!

Let’s move together!!

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