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New class ideas for a new learning landscape!

I've started to notice something fascinating and with increasing clarity. Children are very different now. By "now" I refer to this post(probably?)-pandemic world, where things are opening back up for the first time in two years. Of course we all did our best during the pandemic to provide our children with the best possible learning experience we could, but the reality? There is no way we as parents could check every box. Notably, as children between the ages of 5 and 8 enter my dance classes, its clear to me that I have a new type of learner to work with. This is a learner who may never have been in a P.E class, has never been in a music class. This learner may not remember what it's like to play on a playground with a bunch of peers, may never have tried games like hopscotch or jumprope. This learner has little experience working in a group, acting as a member of an audience, or speaking up clearly when a teacher asks if there are questions. This learner might not know left from right, they might not have ever participated in an organized activity in their recent memory. In many ways, this presents a monumental challenge to teachers, parents and children alike. How do we re-build a sense of confidence? A sense of pride in work and self? A sense of longing to participate in a group of people again? I don't have every answer, but my current offering to help support these learners is adding a special class to my schedule. Motor Development and Rhythm is for the child who needs to learn, practice and develop skills that maybe didn't get addressed in the past two years. It's a class to start building up some self esteem and confidence, find a community and learn through play together again. It's a class that may precede activities from dance to sports to music. Join us! We would love to see you! email for more info

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