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Welcome to 2022!

We at Belisama hope you had a cozy and comforting Holiday season. We have officially (crash) landed into 2022! This year is already throwing some curve balls at us, testing our adaptability and flexibility. However, it feels totally different than 2021 and after an amazing rehearsal last night, I can tell we will come up with some great new things this year! The dancers are working hard both virtually over Zoom and in the studio. We are busy putting together our first Rhythm of Fire show since 2019. These shows are such an immense but wonderful undertaking- dancers, teachers and parent volunteers all come together to make the show successful and this year we add in the extra element of a video and sound crew...we are taking our show VIRTUAL! Producing a virtual show feels totally different than an in-person show, the timelines and preparation look different. I am super excited to preserve on video some of our very best classic pieces, with a few special guests. Another cool benefit of a virtual show is that we can share it far and wide-grandparents, family and friends from around the world can participate. Stay tuned for more updates, sneak peeks and ticket info. Sending best wishes of health to you and yours.

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