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Welcome to 2023!

Belisama and Rhythm Sol are thrilled to be dancing right into a new year. 2022 saw us finding our balance again as we returned to many of our favorite performances and activities. We did some fun film projects, had wonderful workshops, brought many new performers into the troupe, and refined our core performance pieces.

We are seeing incredible growth here in the new year in all of our dancers, from the very youngest to our senior champion dancer. The hard work and dedication the bring to the studio each class is inspiring.

January always brings astronomical leaps for many dancers-stamina and fitness is reaching peak for the year, assimilation of steps and choreography is moving into a second consecutive semester, and those brain connections we make when developing complex physical and mental tasks are on fire!

We are greatly looking forward to bringing back our annual show Rhythm of Fire-though struggles to find a performance venue locally mean it may be a little smaller than in previous years.

Many of our classes have a space or two: we have added three six week sessions of Dance Exploration Mini for 2-3yo dancers to get a first class experience. Dance Exploration has a wonderful new teacher in Sam. Irish dance has some space for beginners, we are thrilled to have such a robust group of 4-7yo beginning dancers come join the fun!

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