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What makes Belisama and Rhythm Sol different?

What makes Belisama and Rhythm Sol different? We see each child as unique, capable, and a part of the fabric of our dance family. Early childhood is a sensitive period of development, a perfect opportunity to help a child build confidence and life skills through the medium of movement, music and dance. As a dance teacher, I strive to unite my backgrounds to create a special dance experience unlike any other. I have degrees and certificates in anthropology, exercise science and Montessori early childhood education. I weave my favorite aspects of each together to provide a holistic learning environment that provides children with skills they can take into their lives whether they are in my classes for six months, six years, or more! Dancers are encouraged to face challenges head on, take responsibility for themselves, practice respect for self, others and materials, and create their own visions! Balance, rhythm, directionality, coordination, counting, memory enhancement, eye-hand coordination, dance vocabulary, essential dance skills (point/flex, jumping, arm/foot positions, skipping, galloping, tip toes, sliding, turning, tempo, storytelling, etc) and so much more is part of our classes. We select music from many genres, cultures and time periods to expose little learners to a broad range of music and we vary our choices frequently.

It is so exciting to see a child’s confidence blossom and grow as they spend time moving and dancing together. We hope you’ll check us out!

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