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Rhythm of Fire:
Premier annual Irish Dance Show in Northern New Mexico!

Join us for our all-ages annual dance show with students and Company members from Belisama Irish Dance, to celebrate Irish dance and St Patrick's Day, as well as other wonderful styles of dance woven into a high energy show! Live musicians Maria Jones and Adrienne Bellis join us, as well as Sam Italiano’s Tap Program.

Dates: March 16th and 17th 

Times: 10:30am/6:30pm 3/16 & 2:30pm 3/17

Location: Wise Fool New Mexico 1131 Siler Rd B, Santa Fe Nm 87507

Tickets: SOLD OUT! Join the waitlist!

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Sold Out! Join the Waitlist!


Full Program

Act 1


At the Edge

Music: At the Edge by Jonathan Elias

Choreography: Adrienne, Celia, Vicky

Dancers: Diamonds and Emeralds


Without a Care

Music: Haven’t Got a Care by The Barra Mac Neils

Choreography: Celia

Dancers: Pearls, Rubies, Sapphires, Emeralds


Rise, Rise

Music: Rise, Rise by The Corries

Choreography: Vicky

Dancers: Vicky, Ella, Adraic, Garnet, Erin


Adrienne Bellis-Live Music (3/16 10:30am)

Maria Jones-Live Music (3/16 6:30pm & 3/17 2:30pm)


The Four Masters

Music: The Four Masters by Sean Softley

Choreography: Micheal Patrick Gallagher

Dancer: Ella



Music: Wellerman -Sea Shanty by Nathan Evans

Choreography: Ginnie; Aven, Vivian & Sierra

Dancers: Ginnie, Adraic, Vicky; Brooke, Aven, Vivian


Scotch Cap

Music: Scotch Cap/the Road to Lisdoonvarna-Single Jigs by Toucan Pirates

Staged by: Celia

Dancers: Rubies, Sapphires & Emeralds


Maggie Pickens

Music: Fling-Maggie Pickens by Benny McCarthy

Choreography: Garnet, Traditional

Dancers: Garnet, Ella, Fiona, Ingrid, Brooke


Breaking Up Christmas

Music: Breaking Up Christmas by Dirk Powell

Choreography: Nic Gareiss

Dancers: Erin, Vicky, Adraic, Ginnie, Aven, Vivian



Music: Antics by Beoga

Staged by: Celia

Dancers: Rubies and Sapphires


The Chain

The Chain by Ingrid Michaelson

Choreography: Adraic Starks with Stevie Rae Gibbs

Dancer: Adraic



Star of the Sea

Music: Star of the Sea by Leahy

Choreography: Celia

Dancers: Fiona, Vivian, Brooke, Aven, Erin, Ingrid, Vicky, Ella, Garnet


-10 Min Intermission-


Act 2



Music: Various, Edited by Adrienne Bellis

Choreography: Adrienne, Annie Mullins, Vicky, Celia, Sam, Dancers

Dancers: Diamonds, Emeralds, Alex, Sydney, Sam, Charlotte, Jessie, Julie, Patience


Dance the Night (Barbie)

Music: Dance the Night by Dua Lipa

Choreography: Vicky

Barbies: Ella, Garnet

Kens: Erin, Brooke, Vivian, Fiona, Aven, Ingrid, Vicky, Adraic


Time (You and I)

Music: Time (You and I) by Khruangbin

Dancers: Charlotte, Jesse, Julia, Patience, Sam



Music: Gypsy by Ronan Hardiman

Choreography: Sarah Cherry

Dancer: Garnet


Jama Jigs

Music: Jama by Eileen Ivers, Vieux Diop, Brian Keane

Choreography: Celia, Vivian, Brooke

Dancers: Starla, Violet, Vivian, Brooke, Fiona, Rosalie


Donegal Slip Jig

Music: Soggy’s by Boega

Choreography: Michael Patrick Gallagher, Vicky, Adrienne

Dancers: Ella, Aven, Ingrid, Vicky, Erin, Garnet


St Patrick’s Day

Music & Choreography: Traditional

Dancers: Sebastian, Margot, Violet, Starla, Solana, Konrad, Adyson, Rosalie, Fiona


Adrienne Bellis- Live Music (3/16 10:30am)

Maria Jones-Live Music (3/16 6:30pm & 3/17 2:30)



Music: Boondoggle by An Dochas

Choreography: Celia & Vicky

Dancers:Diamonds et all

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