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Early Childhood Classes

Dance for children 0-5yrs


Dance is a unique medium for children to learn through their favorite avenue-play! Children are born with an innate desire to move rhythmically, explore space with their bodies, and discover their own capabilities. Our goal is to provide a fun and enriching space for young dancers to develop in ways that will benefit them throughout their lives. Children with early dance experiences are often better readers, more advanced in motor skills and ready to excel in sports and other activities. Dance at this age doesn't have to be strict, prescriptive or exclusive, it is for everybody!

Why are sessions 6 weeks long? We have observed that six consecutive classes gives children a chance to observe, warm up, ease in and flourish. By the end of the session most children are fully engaged in the activities! At the end of the session you can choose to explore other activities-or sign up for more classes, it allows for ultimate flexibility for busy families!

Session Dates

Session Prices

30mins=$60/6 week session ($40 sibs) +tax

45mins=$90/6 week session ($60 sibs) +tax

45mins=$120/8 week session ($100 sibs) +tax

Discounts Available for Multiple Classes

NEXT SESSION (4/15-5/24)



3:45-4:15 Stage 2

4:15-5:00 Stage 3


3:45-4:30 Stage 4 Intro Irish with Celia


4:00-5:00 Stage 4 Intro Tap/Jazz with Sam


3:45-4:15 Stage 2

4:15-5:00 Stage 3 


9:15-9:45 Stage 2

9:45-10:30 Stage 3  

Saturdays:Registration Open!

9:45-10:30 Stage 4 Intro Ballet with Tamara

10:40-11:25 Stage 4 Intro Irish with Celia

SUMMER SESSION (6/10-7/19)


10:00-10:30 Stage 2

10:30-11:15 Stage 3

3:45-4:15 Stage 2

4:15-5:00 Stage 3


3:45-4:30 Stage 4 Intro Irish with Celia


3:45-4:30 Stage 3 


4:15-4:45 Stage 2 

4:50-5:25 Stage 3 

The heart of our curriculum

We strive to provide children a fun space to explore and develop in these areas, and more!

Levels (high/low) 
Tempo (fast/slow) 
Rhythm (move to a beat or create the beat)
Body parts (identification, isolation) 
Storytelling/self expression
Auditory processing (active listening)
Balance (on feet, on hands, one side)
Proprioception (body within space)
Pathways (forward backwards sideways)

Patterns (sequence of movements)
Complex movements (jumping, skipping, spinning)
Coordination (right and left brain communication)
Right and Left sides

Community and relationship building

*we do not implement dress code because we believe in "come as you are" for children under 4 years old. Some like to dress up in dance clothes, some like comfortable pants and a t-shirt. Ballet shoes or bare feet.*

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Caregiver & Toddler Classes
Stage 1 : Child participates with an adult's assistance

This class can be found on the 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month at the Main Library (downtown location) at 10-11am (10:15 start time). They are a FREE program offered by the city.






Look for us at the Santa Fe Children's Museum on the 2nd and 4th Saturdays, class is free with admission 10-11am (10:15 start time)!


 This class is designed to give caregivers and toddlers a special bonding time, with activities that are developmentally appropriate and driven by dance and education theory. We do a combination of stretching, rhymes, movement games/dances, rhythm activities and free dancing. We utilize props such as scarves, shakers, balance beam and tunnels! Tempo, action, levels, space, shapes and more are explored. Bring a friend along or make a new one at class! 


Discover Dance
Stages 2 : child participates without an adult's assistance

This beautifully crafted curriculum developed by Discover Dance is based on brain science and developmental theories, and designed to give your little one an incredibly positive and valuable introduction to dance. Offered to ages 2 and 3 we take the children on a dance journey like no other. Class will be structured in the same way each time, but the skills and concepts will change within the framework provided. We utilize many props to give children a multi-sensory experience. Obstacle courses are utilized to explore and practice balance, gross motor skills, spacial patterns and exploration. Every class offers chances for dancers to engage in improvisation and create their own movement. 

Parents are encouraged to remain close if necessary (for potty or attachment needs!) but give children an opportunity to develop independence. Dress code is comfortable clothing that allows for freedom of movement and self expression. Bare feet or ballet slippers. Class is 30 minutes long and sessions run six weeks.

Discover Dance
Combo Classes (Stage 3 & 4) for dancers aged 3.5-5 with previous experience in Stages 1-2

Combo classes utilize the framework and curriculum of Discover Dance, introducing dance concepts over a series of lessons that cover a wide variety of motor skills and pre-dance material through movement games, music, props and obstacle courses. Combo classes are for dancers who have taken Discover Dance stages 1-2 or another dance style.

Combo classes are offered in a variety of styles: Irish, Acro, Tap, Ballet, Jazz and more (see schedule for current offerings). Dancers will learn specific skills and material for each style, along with their conceptual framework. For example Irish combo will include learning foot positions and the skills needed to move into more advanced Irish classes. Acro will cover basic body shapes and balancing skills along with beginner tumbling to prepare those dancers for more advanced dance or gymnastics classes. Combo class students may be invited to participate in the annual show. Classes are 45 minutes and run 6-16 weeks depending on current offerings.

Choosing a class!

Here are a few tips for choosing a class, also always feel free to contact us for more assistance!

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