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Would you like to add dance education to your school or program?

Community Programming

We are excited to offer dance education within YOUR school or program! We provide a wonderful opportunity to enrich the lives of your students and other children in your life. We will bring our thoughtfully created classes to your site: be it a school, daycare or aftercare program.


Why dance education?

Dance education especially at young ages offers many incredible benefits. Children develop:

Physical skills such as balance, agility, coordination, proprioception, strength and flexibility.

Social skills including cooperation, respect for self and others, communication, and self confidence.

Artistic skills such as  improvisation, beginning choreography, interpretation, body awareness, and expression.

Other skills include musical (rhythm, tempo, time signature) basic dance vocabulary, and more!


Our Role

We will bring all our equipment with us! Age appropriate props such as ribbons, bells, shakers, scarves, balance equipment and more. We can bring sound equipment if necessary. Teachers have extensive experience with both dance and education as well as classroom management strategies and experience working with young children. We carry insurance. Teachers can be background checked and CPR certified. We will abide by all covid safety practices you have in place.

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