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We offer traditional Irish dance classes (softshoe, hardshoe, and ceili) at all levels for ages 4 and up, with ample performance and competition opportunities if desired! We pride ourselves on our creative choreography and inclusive environment. Group or private lessons. Click to learn more.

We offer Discover Dance  classes for ages 1.5-5, and Parent&Tot classes for 0-3yrs. Our classes are designed to honor and nurture the individuality of each child and equip them with skills and experiences that will serve them well in many disciplines and areas of life.

Come see us perform, and request a performance of your own! We also do educational presentations. Clock to learn more 


Our Vision

Our dance classes are thoughtfully crafted to create a special environment where dancers and movers of all ages can find challenging, fun and functional instruction. Child and lifespan development theories, exercise science and a strong background in dance theory unite to provide a unique experience. We hope to go beyond the basics of dance, and equip people with skills that will enrich their lives both inside the studio and out. In our Irish dance program, we use competition opportunities as a learning tool and as a way to boost confidence and teach children how to set goals. Our community performances give dancers a chance to shine, and share their passion with others. Dance and movement is seen as a tool to strengthen the mind, body and soul!

Our Dancers

In their own words...

Our dancers have a lot to say about their most valuable lessons learned through dance class, and also their favorite ice cream flavor! Click "see more" to read more dancer profiles on Instagram!



"The most valuable lesson I've learned through dance is how to fail well. We don't always get what we strive for, but it's important to know how to deal with that. I think how a person handles various outcomes shows a lot about them."



"The most valuable skill I've learned is goal setting. When there is a step I have trouble with, I make a plan for how to get better at it."



"I have learned two valuable lessons doing Irish dance. One is that practice REALLY works! The other is that perfection doesn't exist, so just work hard and try your best."

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